COVID-19 Update: Can I still find services, care and support?


COVID-19: You can still access the services, care and support you need

As the first shock wave set off by the COVID-19 crisis has subsided, pregnant women and their providers are tapping into reserves of resilience and resourcefulness, finding new ways to access and deliver much-needed care and support. You don’t have to do without the services you need.

Here are just some of the local resources available to you in our time of social distancing, including:

We will continue to update this list.

Holistic fertility support helps you prepare for pregnancy

Medical treatments for fertility have generally been suspended, but there is still a great deal you can do to enhance fertility and prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy. Here are offerings from some of our members:

Eastern Healing

Eastern Healing continues to offer hands-on acupuncture care for women in the childbearing year, especially for urgent issues such as pain, labor preparation and continued IVF support. Appointments are spaced out to avoid contact with other patients. Phone and Skype consults are also being offered.

Pulling Down the Moon

  • We are currently available for acupuncture services. TeleTCM continues to be available for those that need it.
  • Fertility enhancing massages will return the second week of June.
  • Yoga for Fertility  and Wellness Wednesday classes are available online.
  • Nutrition consults, supplements, and resources are available remotely.
  • Virtual support classes, workshops, and webinars. Check out the full Calendar of Events
  • For scheduling or questions, contact: 312-321-0004 and/or [email protected]
A wealth of childbirth, breastfeeding and new parenting classes is now available virtually 

Pregnancy, childbirth and new parent education is flourishing online. You can find top-notch courses that are offered nationally, including many familiar names like Hypnobabies, Hypnobirthing, Lamaze and so on.

But you might want to first consider some of the wonderful local teachers who have moved quickly to get their content online. A local teacher offers insight into the Chicago birthscape that out-of-towners can’t provide.

Here’s a list of childbirth classes being offered on-line by our BirthGuide members:

312 Doulas


Birthways is offering a full range of virtual classes:

  • Celebrate Birth! Group Classes in Childbirth Preparation
    • Celebrate Birth! offers a way to prepare for birth that brings together new and traditional wisdom, your own life experiences, and your inner strength and abilities.You will learn practical gems of wisdom that will see you through the days of your pregnancy and early parenting. And, you will discover the patterns and rhythms of childbirth that will nurture confidence and your ability to think, speak, and act purposefully during this important time.
    • Instructor: Mary Sommers
    • 5-week Series – $300; Weekend Intensive – $250
  • Mindfulness-Based Childbirth & Parenting Class
    • Welcoming a baby is a time of transition and transformation that is likely to be filled with joy and challenge. It is also a time of decision-making for yourself and your baby, in a sea of opinions and advice from friends, family, and experts. Mindfulness-Based Childbirth & Parenting (MBCP) is a comprehensive childbirth preparation and mindfulness class that gives you the opportunity to be more fully engaged with your birth and parenting journey.
    • Instructor: Claire Zawa, CD(DONA), MBCP Educator
    • 9 -week series – $400
    • Mind in Labor Weekend intensive – $350
  • Birthways Breastfeeding 101
    • Recommended to expecting parents. Evidence shows that preparing for breastfeeding, together with follow up with a lactation expert, and encouragement from partners and family members greatly minimizes early cessation of breastfeeding.
    • This class is offered every 6-8 weeks on a Monday evening from 6pm – 8pm.
    • Breastfeeding 101 classes will be happen ONLINE for the foreseeable future.
    • $50

Blissful Births and Babies

Blissful Birth and Babies has a full range of virtual classes, including:

  • One-day, 4-hour intensive childbirth class, virtual but very interactive
    • Dates: April 18th from 9a-1; May 9th from 9a-1; June 13th from 9a-1
    • Cost is: $150 per couple for the virtual class ($225 for in person)
  • HypnoBirthing, 5 week series on a virtual platform
    • Sunday mornings from 10a-12p, April 19th- May 17th;    Wednesday evenings from 7-9p May 20th- June 17th
    • Cost is $300 for virtual ($350 for in person group)
  • Breastfeeding classes – virtual and very interactive:
    • Cost is $40 per couple ($50 for in person group)
  • Baby care classes  – virtual
    • Cost is $40 for virtual class, ($50 for in person group)

Chicago Family Doulas 

All classes are now available online, including:

  • Intro to Natural Childbirth, Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond, 
  • Bringing Home Baby, 
  • Spinning Babies, 
  • Breastfeeding, and 
  • Infant Massage

Cygnus Lactation

Webinar classes suitable for pregnant and new mothers covers breastfeeding basics and foundations for success.

Doulas of Chicago

DOC has created a range of virtual support services, including:

  • Virtual Birth Plan Session
    • Work with a knowledgable doula to create a birth plan specific to you. As hospital policies change rapidly, certain considerations can be discussed to align your expectations and hopes for the last hours of pregnancy, and the first hours of parenthood. Prepare for what the current hospital labor room will look and feel with COVID-19 concerns. Learn to advocate for yourself when support persons are limited. Have specific language that can be used to create a clearly understood and collaborative birth environment. Leave with specific birth plan for your labor and 1st-hour with your baby
    • General Q & A to address other questions
    • $150.00
  • Partner Skill Instruction for Labor
    • This is just for partners! You’ll get support for yourself and get insight into the laboring person’s psyche to focus on main ways to support the most important person at this most important time. Packing list for hospital, and some specific phrases that may be helpful during labor and pushing
    • Plan for 20 of instruction, and 20 minutes of Q & A. Agenda for call.
    • Deliverables sent by email
    • Meeting scheduled to fit your availability
    • Taught by DOC Owner, Ariel Swift

Sweet Pea’s Studio

Virtual prenatal and postpartum fitness and yoga classes support wellness 

Maintaining a healthy pregnancy and managing stress are more important than ever. All kinds of virtual exercise and yoga classes are now available online for pregnant and new mothers. 

If you choose a local teacher, you can connect with other pregnant moms in the Chicago-area, and can nurture relationships with those mothers and with your teacher until in-person classes are an option again.

Here’s a sample of virtual fitness and yoga classes being offered by BirthGuide members:


All regularly scheduled prenatal and postpartum fitness and yoga classes now available from HOME. Pre-register at least 1 hour before class begins to get a Zoom link to your email. 

Virtual classes include: 

  • *ONLINE* BABY & ME YOGA [postpartum]: Using interactive postures that incorporate your baby, you will strengthen your core, improve your posture, build confidence and relax using inspirational postures and breathing techniques.*Ideal for babies 6 weeks to crawling.
  • *ONLINE* FIT FOR FAMILY FITNESS: A class for parents and kids – adults gets a workout and kids get to play along! In this 45 minutes class, you’ll get your exercise in all while keeping your kiddo entertained and moving. Squat jumps are “frog jumps” and piggy back rides become weighted lunges.
  • *ONLINE* FITNESS TRAINING FOR LABOR AND RECOVERY [prenatal]: Short intervals of light to moderate cardio with or without light weights, incorporating resistance bands, followed by mat cool down.
  • *ONLINE* PRENATAL YOGA and PRENATAL YOGA LUNCH EXPRESS: Increase strength and flexibility for childbirth, decrease back pain, decrease the risk for pre-term labor, decrease postpartum soreness and strengthen the pelvic floor after delivery amongst other benefits.

Also virtual workshops and events, including Postpartum & Prenatal workshops,  a 4-week series “Yoga for Moms” class and a Restorative Mother’s Day Workshop for pre/postnatal women.

Sweet Pea’s Studio

Offering weekly,”drop in” style Zoom classes.

  • Baby and Me Yoga on Fridays at 11
  • Prenatal Yoga on Saturdays at 9:30
  • Infant Massage Classes on Tuesdays at 11 
  • Gentle and Restorative Yoga Thursday nights at 7 pm. 
Hands-on and virtual holistic care helps with discomforts and conditions of pregnancy and postpartum 

Chiropractic care, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, physical therapy and counseling offer alternative approaches to wellness during pregnancy and postpartum. Many providers are still providing in-person care to pregnancy women and new mothers. Their offices are small; they are scheduling appointments to limit contact among clients; and they are taking extraordinary measures to ensure clean and safe physical environments. Many have also added virtual consultations as an option.

Here’s a list of holistic wellness services being offered by BirthGuide members:

Bright Futures Chiropractic

Bright Futures Chiropractic is open for business as usual, providing gentle and effective adjustments to support your body and your health. Patients are well spaced and the office is being cleaned frequently.

Community Chiropractic

Community Chiropractic is open for business as usual to help with any and all needs of the perinatal woman. Patients are well spaced and the office is being sanitized frequently.

Eastern Healing

Eastern Healing is open for business as usual.  Patients are well spaced and the office is being sanitized frequently.

Link Physical Therapy

Pregnancy and postpartum related conditions including back and pelvic pain, pelvic floor conditions, scar pain, diastasis recti, and other musculoskeletal conditions can be treated in physical therapy via telehealth. Individualized, face-to face-care is being offered remotely using a user-friendly, secure, and confidential (HIPAA compliant) telehealth platform.

The following services are being offered virtually via telehealth:

    • Individualized pre and postnatal therapeutic exercise prescription
    • Back/pelvic joint pain management
    • Prenatal ergonomics/body mechanics/postural assessment and strategies for daily activities
    • Childcare/babycare positional strategies
    • Pre and postnatal pelvic floor rehabilitation
    • Labor and Delivery positional and preparation strategies

Nurture Women’s Wellness

In-office appointments available for pregnant women that are having pain or want to do labor prep or natural induction. Also available:  acupuncture for stress and anxiety relief – fertility, prenatal, and a lot of postpartum. Patients are well spaced and the office is being sanitized frequently.

Root & Bloom Chiropractic

Root & Bloom Chiropractic is maintaining an extremely sanitized space with modified office hours to accommodate and support pregnant women, new moms and families during this stressful time. We will continue to take extraordinary measures to ensure your family’s health and safety.

You can call the office at 630-537-1781 or email at [email protected] to schedule an appointment. 

Roots Family Chiropractic

Treating existing members who need care during pregnancy and postpartum. New members can schedule a phone consultation prior to proceeding with treatment. Appointments are well-spaced, and all precautions are being taken.

Tyo Birth Care

Tyo Placenta continues to offer safe and fast placenta encapsulation to support Chicagoland women in their postpartum recovery.  With so many birth plans being altered due to COVID-19 restrictions, placenta encapsulation with APPA-certified encapsulators is a tangible way to support your mind and body as you process your birth experience and find a new normal during your postpartum recovery. Discover more at

 Watson Chiropractic

Watson Chiropractic is open and seeing patients during COVID-19.  Sanitizing after every visit and on the hour. Patients are requested to call the office when they arrive at the parking lot and to wait in their cars until the office is clear of other families and sanitized.  Limited staff in the office. 

 You can still get invaluable support from a labor doula

A doula offers ongoing, individualized counseling and support during late pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. In this scary time, that can be even more valuable than ever.

You may have heard that hospitals are limiting laboring women to just one support person. That is true at many Chicago-area hospitals, but there are still some that allow you to have both your partner and a doula. You can see a compilation of labor and delivery policies for all Chicago-area hospitals here. If this is a high priority for you, consider whether you are willing to switch care even late in pregnancy. There is unfortunately the risk that any hospital may adopt more restrictive policies as time goes on.

But even if your hospital is one of those that will only allow one companion, increasing numbers of Chicago-area families are discovering that they can still benefit enormously from doula care.

Our member doulas are offering packages that may include:

  • Prenatal support and counseling
  • In-person support while you labor at home
  • Accompanying you as you travel to the hospital
  • In-person support at the hospital, where allowed
  • Virtual support while you’re laboring in the hospital

Here’s a list of our doula members, with a quick overview of the approach they’re taking to support you during the pandemic:

312 Doulas

Offering full range of labor doula services, including prenatal support, virtual doula support and in person support while you labor at home, and of course still joining families in hospital if your hospital allows.


Traditional and virtual labor support packages available.

  • Traditional labor support includes 3 prenatal visits, continuous support through labor and delivery, immediate postpartum support following delivery, postpartum follow-up visit, 30 minutes of free warmline support for basic feeding questions. This traditional package ranges from $800-2500, based on doula experience level.
  • Virtual labor doula packages, including prenatal support, on-call labor and postpartum support, and coaching for your partner. Cost: $700 – $1500.

Still supporting laboring mothers in-person where hospital policy allows.

In addition, new in-home plus virtual services include:

  • Video initial consult, 1-2 video prenatal meetings helping to create birth wishes, tips for the partner, etc, unlimited email, text, and phone support before labor, unlimited support for when a mom thinks she is in labor, video, phone, and/or text support at the birthing site and unlimited post birth support via text, phone, email, or video for the next 6 weeks
  • Package for only virtual support: $750
  • Package for in person (doula physically comes to you) for in home support before heading to the hospital and then to virtual support: $1500

Chicago Family Doulas

Offering multiple labor doula packages to accommodate every family’s comfort level, including virtual support and in-person support. Chicago Family Doulas are still attending births and supporting families in their home and at any hospital that is allowing hands-on support. There are packages to fit each family‘s needs.

Also offering sibling doula support, so your partner can stay at the hospital as long as needed. Sibling doulas are Postpartum Doula’s who are trained to take care of Mom, Baby, family and household. At this time of need we are providing care for all children at home so that families can head to the hospital and have their partner support for the birth and also for those first couple of days. We stay with their children in their home and take care of them and their household.Doulas of Chicago

Continuing to offer traditional in-person labor support, including at home and in the hospital when allowed. Virtual pregnancy support also available (see Support Groups and Counseling, below.)

Lactation support is still available virtually and in person

You can still access expert lactation support after your baby is born. Many lactation educators and consultants are offering virtual support, and in-person consultations are also an option. There are also many classes to help you prepare for breastfeeding before your baby is born (see “Classes” above).

Here are the breastfeeding support services currently available to new mothers in the Chicago area from BirthGuide members:


Lactation specialists are available for prenatal classes, phone support, and in-home support.

Chicago Family Doulas

Lactation specialists are available for virtual support. Families can book a virtual FaceTime consultation to get off to a great start breastfeeding and to get support when they are having minor issues. Families can book one visit or as many as needed.

Chicago Lactation Consultants

IBCLC offering virtual and in-person consults and support. All precautions taken.

Cygnus Lactation

Teleconsults are available for breastfeeding support from IBCLCs. Webinar classes suitable for new mothers covers breastfeeding basics and foundations for success. Also still renting pumps and scales.

Makana Breastfeeding

IBCLC offering virtual support for breastfeeding issues.

  • Initial Consult – up to 2 hrs – $150 – Full assessment for you and your baby through a breastfeeding session, helping you make adjustments as you go a long and then addressing any questions and concerns you may have. Help with pumping as well. You’ll end up with a breastfeeding plan that works best for you and your little one.
  • Follow-up Consult – 1hr – $85 – Additional session to go through your questions and concerns based on how things are going. This is also a great option for current clients that have been previously seen in-person.

Willow Pediatrics and Lactation

Lactation support from IBCLC-certified pediatrician. Home and office visits still available, as well as virtual consultations. Scheduling just one in-office visit per day to reduce cross-infection risk.

Postpartum doula support is still available in-person and virtually

In these upside-down times, having support after your baby is born is more valuable than ever. Many postpartum doulas are still providing in-home care and/or have put together virtual support packages. Here are the offerings from these BirthGuide members:

312 Doulas

Continuing to offer in-home postpartum support for interested families.


In-person postpartum support available.

Chicago Family Doulas

Offering in-person and virtual postpartum support. Virtual postpartum support can be booked as a one time virtual consultation or ongoing virtual support. In-person postpartum support for the families who are comfortable doing so. Many families are opting for 24 hour care.

Doulas of Chicago

In-person postpartum support available for families; day and night support.

Alternative pediatric care keeps you and your baby out of the clinic

You may be reluctant to take your newborn into a clinic setting. Concierge pediatric care offers the alternative of in-home visits, as well as personalized, unhurried virtual consultation.

Chicago Concierge Pediatrics

CCP provides medical care for your children in the comfort of your own home. Members continue to receive home visits where appropriate after screening, and virtual appointments are available by video and phone.

Willow Pediatrics and Lactation

Willlow Pediatrics provides medical care for your children in the comfort of your own home or at the office. Members continue to receive home visits where appropriate after screening, and virtual appointments are available by video and phone. Visits for respiratory symptoms and fever will be conducted in your car to avoid risk of infection to others.

Support groups and counseling services have moved on-line

Many pregnancy and new parent support groups and counselors have gone on-line. Build a support network and lay the foundation for your local parenting “village”. In these anxious times, it’s also important to know that counseling services are still available virtually.

Here are support groups and counseling services available from BirthGuide members:

312 Doulas

  • Virtual new parent group – every Wed. from 11-12:30
  • Virtual pregnancy support group get-together – every Thursday from 12 -1

Chicago Family Doulas 

Virtual pregnancy and new moms support group. These run weekly on Thursdays from noon until 1pm. They are completely free and open to anyone.


Virtual Prenatal Wellness Group. Join a Certified Integrative & Functional Women’s Health Coach and RPYT each Tuesday for 6-weeks starting April 7th – May 12th. Noon to 12:45 pm. Each week features discussion of a new topic pertaining to keeping you and baby well, calm, and sane during this uncertain time in your pregnancy. Plenty of time for open chat and enjoy a cup of tea or bring your lunch.

Doulas of Chicago

Offering virtual doula and phone pregnancy support. Work with a team of two doulas for support through pregnancy. Ask questions, vent concerns, share hesitations, or plan productively – all are a part of the support. Texting and phone support during reasonable daytime hours through pregnancy and leading up to labor. Our doulas are trained in judgement-free support, and are skilled in asking questions which root to finding the most important needs and wants for your birth experience. Use this care to sort through the “hows” and “whys” of your future parenting philosophy, and process interactions that cause stress or additional anxiety along the way. $450.00

GRASP Group is offering on-line New Moms Support Groups through the COVID-19 quarantine.  GRASP Group hosts weekly professionally led on-line groups with 6-8 new moms on Wednesdays from 12:00-1:15. Topics include: the transition to motherhood and incorporating parenting into your identity, bonding and caring for your infant, ways to co-create a purposeful marriage & family with a newborn, infant massage and self care and much much more.  For more information and to register please go to

Sweet Pea’s Studio

  • “Welcome the Calm” workshop on Tuesday the 21st at 7.
  • Private Wellness Sessions with massage clients.