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Services in a nutshell

We offer breast and chestfeeding support for community members as well for clients of the birth center. Services include a weekly lactation clinic, and a breast milk dispensary and depot.

More about us
Lactation Clinic

Every Monday, from noon to 1:30pm, we host a lactation clinic for clients AND non-clients to have hands-on support. Getting time with an IBCLC can be difficult when you need help NOW – and we get that! Lisa Zimmerman, of Maternal Health Connections, is here to offer support with questions and common breast and chestfeeding questions, as well as clinical support.

  • Latch concerns
  • Supply
  • Transition from home to work
  • Diagnosing a Tongue or Lip Tie
  • Positioning
  • Weight Gain
  • Bottle feeding
  • Clogged Ducts
  • Mastitis

The Drop-in Clinic is $40 and requires no appointment. The last walk-in is at 1:30 pm so we know you can have the time you need. Want us to know you’re on your way? Call our front desk at 773-232-2299 option #3.

Human Milk Depot + Dispensary

Birth Center of Chicago is partnered with the Mother’s Milk Bank of Western Great Lakes. We work to serve families looking to donate milk by offering a convenient location for drop off as a Milk Depot that insures their precious ounces are securely and safely delivered to the milk bank for processing and redistribution.

We also provide small quantities of milk for sale as a Milk Dispensary to support families needing help through transitions.

Milk Donors
If you are already a donor with the Mother’s Milk Bank of Western Great Lakes, you are welcome to bring your milk donations during any of our normal office ours. You do not need an appointment for drop off during normal hours. If you would like to arrange a time outside our normal hours, please email

Looking for Donor Milk?

If you are looking for donor milk from our Milk Dispensary, please call 773-232-2299 to ensure we have milk available. We sell milk during normal office hours.
Our normal office hours are:

  • Monday 11a-7p
  • Tuesday-Thursday 9a-5p
Our Team

Lisa Zimmerman, RN, CPN, IBCLC

After an eventful pregnancy and traumatic delivery, I needed support in the first few months of my son’s life. I was expected to return to work and pump, and could not find the community I needed to help me with this transition. With time, I was able to return to the things I loved but I knew my postpartum time should have been easier and more enjoyable.

Lisa is the mother of a silly forth grader and married to the king of bad jokes. She enjoys biking, reading, spending time in her yard, visiting with friends and family, and is a proud life-long learner.

  • Registered Nurse in Illinois
  • Certified Pediatric Nurse
  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Trauma-Informed provider

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