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Ariel Swift

Ariel Swift is a Chicago Transplant, moving the South Side in a snowstorm in 2014, and not looking back!

Ariel has been a doula since 2011. Her work as a certified labor and postpartum doula through DONA Int., Birth Arts International, and ProDoula helped her see very different perspectives on how a doula can be useful for a family navigating pregnancy, labor, and postpartum healing. Ariel is currently working through Doula Trainings International for even more perspective on doula care through a birth justice lens focusing on gender equality.

In 2014, Ariel decided to switch from being an independent doula to an agency, building a network of support with the creation of Doulas of Chicago. Her goal has always been to find sustainable doula practices and reliable, safe, and satisfying doula care for clients. Ariel became a labor and postpartum doula trainer from 2016 to 2018. Through various roles, Ariel has mentored over 400 new doulas across the country and in Chicago.

Being a creator, Ariel turned her attention to making a retreat space to discuss more significant ideas of identity, healing, and grief. These events are on hold during COVID-19.

Ariel has two children. They identify currently as girl and boy. Being a child who experienced the benefits of a play-filled homeschooling childhood in Eastern Washington State, Ariel believes parenting is unique in its access and impact to change the world. Ariel has strong opinions about respecting children through their growth. Ariel also knows she is a much better parent when she has the support of other adults who love her kids.

When not working, Ariel likes to develop creative solutions to problems around her home – like keeping cats out of the playroom or creating garden beds out of waste material from other projects. She is comfortable with tools, big personalities, small people, and folks who appreciate candor. And for those who care, she is an eight enneagram, Capricorn sun and Leo rising, the youngest child, with love languages of Acts of Service and Words of Affirmation. Coffee is an everyday drink, and tacos aren’t just for Tuesday.


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