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Doulas of Chicago offers boutique doula services for Chicago families looking to enhance their birth and 1st year parenting experiences.  We can’t wait to help you turn your home into a haven. ​

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Birth Doula Services

We support people who are giving birth in Chicago’s hospitals and birth centers with OBGYNs and Certified Nurse Midwives. We support vaginal birth, planned cesarean birth, families with goals of VBACs and vaginal birth of multiples, and any number of scenarios in-between.

We value the relationship you’ve built with your medical providers, and do all we can to increase communication, satisfaction, and community with the people you have selected to participate in your birth.

One of the skills doulas bring to the birth room is the ability to protect nuance. The hospital staff get to see babies be born everyday! And that experience is part of the reason you are there. But this is YOUR baby. A unique individual who desrves to be seen and treated as carefully and mindfully as possible.

Your doula sees you, and sees the reality of the hospital setting. Being able to balance the needs of both means yours needs are never overlooked while also taking advantage of delivering in a place that can be ready at a moment’s notice if any emergency arises.

We look forward to supporting your birth and your goals of how you wish to meet your child. Depending if you are requesting care in the city or suburbs, our doual teams range from $900 – 1500.

Our team


All of the doulas who are affiliates are trained through organizations that have met the widely recognized standard for in-person trainings.  All the doulas have training in the following areas, and beyond:

  • Hands-on doula skills
  • The stages and phases of vaginal childbirth
  • Understanding and knowledge of birth by cesarean and how to support families who give birth with this method
  • Medical and non-medical methods of pain management
  • Signs and symptoms of labor progress, and tools and skills that can be used during each
  • Methods and processes that are typical for birth in a hospital setting, and communication. 

​While we do not request a specific training organization, here is part of the process our doulas have met:

  • They must take an in-person workshop from an approved training organization
  • They must have infant CPR certification and liability insurance up-to-date
  • They must pass a background check
  • They must demonstrate basic and advanced knowledge of the process of birth and recovery, as well as demonstrating knowledge of the many topics and products that could be discussed by a new parent
  • They must be committed to continuing education
  • They must align with our values to work collaboratively with medical professionals
  • They must have sound business practices and show they are interested in leaving our profession better than they found it
  • They must have client referrals that are willing to discuss their experiences.  Should a doula be new to this field and not have client experiences to share, character references are required.
  • They also undergo scenario conversations to help develop skills and language which gives support without showing judgment, offer advice only when it is requested or is made specifically known to be given, and to grow in their ability to see opportunities for improvement through mindfulness, values exploration, and goal setting.

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