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Alexander Technique to help with the physical and mental stresses of pregnancy and new parenthood. In-person and virtual instruction.

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The Alexander Technique offers new and expecting parents agency over their own bodies at an amazing and daunting period of change in their lives. It is not a substitute for medical treatment but a method to consciously release tension and bring your body into balance. Your habits in how you use your body affect how your body feels and functions – greater mind-body awareness can change how you use your body and give you relief from stress and pain. 

During pregnancy, relaxin and other hormones flood the body, changing the familiar ways you might feel and move. As a teacher I will guide you through the mechanics of habit change to navigate whatever may come.

While everyone experiences these changes differently, goals can include:

  • creating a positive space to be present with yourself and your baby, wherever your life or birth process takes you.
  • relieving musculoskeletal pain and tension: including neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, or pelvic pain – whether pregnancy-related, chronic, or due to prior injury. 
  • adjusting alignment and balance as your baby bump grows.
  • walking without the “pregnancy waddle.”
  • making the most of the space you share with baby for breathing and digestion.
  • making daily activities more easeful, including any tasks related to work. 
  • improving sleep and rest. 
  • listening to your own body in childbirth preparation: squatting comfortably, breathing fully and calmly and learning the difference between effort vs. tension to push effectively.
  • For the non-pregnant partner: being able to be present to support your partner, and manage your own stresses during this big transition. 
  • addressing challenges unique to you, now and in the future. 

Learning AT with me will not just help you feel better in the moment – since it is a skill-based system of learning, once you learn the principles, you can apply them for yourself in your daily life. You don’t need to set aside special time to practice, or learn an elaborate system of exercises, because you can continue to improve through daily activity. This is why it provides great self-care tools for parents with limited spare time. 

You will absolutely apply these skills of conscious release of tension, mindful movement, and self-care during your postpartum recovery and busy life as a parent. These skills will continue to support you beyond pregnancy and birth. 

AT is taught with verbal instruction and gentle hands-on guidance. There is no need to be “fit”or wear special clothes. It is suitable for people with injuries and chronic conditions. I have taught many students who are also in PT and I have a special interest in pelvic health – I would work with you to support any exercise you are doing for PT, and make it as effective as possible, and help you feel increased confidence and agency in your recovery. 

I teach in my office in Wicker Park/ Bucktown – these lessons can be 1:1 or with your partner. I also offer online lessons and teach on-location for an additional fee.

I also work with small groups, and would be happy to share some supportive skills and restful practices with your support group, new moms group, doula group, or lactation group. 

Each student’s course of study is tailored to their goals and needs. I can offer a variety of packages suitable to your schedule, from a 6-lesson introduction, to support through your whole pregnancy and postpartum. 

Our team


Hello! I’m Sarah Mayhan, an Alexander Technique teacher. I coach movement, alignment, and the empowerment that comes from understanding how your body works. I’m also the mom of the world’s most energetic little boy.

I was certified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique at Alexander Technique Training in Chicago (ATTiC) under master teacher Daria Okugawa. This certification process, recognized by the professional organization the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT), is a rigorous, apprenticeship-based program requiring a minimum of 1600 hours of study.

I found AT to help with the demands of performance under pressure as well as finally getting relief from life-long musculoskeletal pain conditions. Alexander Technique was the missing piece for me, and I hope it will be for you as well. I learned to actually enjoy movement and the feeling of being present in my own body. 

I love helping parents bring their whole self to the challenges of birth and parenting, with the support of embodied awareness, knowing that it’s not about being perfect, but being able to draw on their own strengths through uncertainty and change. I also have a podcast about supporting the physical and emotional challenges of new parenthood, with guided practices and interviews. Please check out Poised and Powerful Parenting on all podcast listening platforms: https://poisedpowerfulparenting.buzzsprout.com/


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