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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

People like you choose New Journey Physical Therapy because we are specialists in all areas of pregnancy and postpartum recovery. We nurture people in pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum to be able to enjoy the amazing journey. We empower people to enjoy their pregnancy, have an easier labor, be stronger, and live life fully. We help people achieve and maintain wellness in pregnancy, postpartum, and throughout the lifespan. We help you enjoy the journey without pain. We make sure you know what labor and delivery positions are best for your body. We make sure you know how to care for your baby without increasing your pain.

Prenatal Physical Therapy


We help pregnant people who are experiencing pain in their low back, hips, tailbone, sciatica, pubic symphysis, sacroiliac joints, or any where else.

We help people figure out how to move without pain, so they can enjoy their pregnancy.

We help people understand how their pain in pregnancy affects labor/delivery and postpartum recovery, and what to do about it!


We help pregnant people who want to exercise without injury.

We help pregnant people exercise to prepare for the marathon of delivery.

We help pregnant people who feel great, to keep it that way; and pregnant people who don’t feel great, to feel better.

Labor preparation

We help pregnant people understand the positions they should use during labor and delivery to reduce risk of pain postpartum.

We help pregnant people understand their bodies and how they best connect to make labor short and easier.

We help get the pregnant body ready for labor and delivery.

Our team

Kate Uttech, PT, DPT, WCS, PCES

Kate Uttech is passionate about helping people in pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and beyond. She helps people enjoy all stages of parenthood from pregnancy to grown children without feeling limited by their body.

She understands the journey of parenthood, and the struggle to find time to care for yourself. That is why she started New Journey Physical Therapy.

Kate has seen too many people told that they need to live with weakness, pain, or incontinence, but no one should have to live like that. Human bodies are amazing! We deserve to be nurtured and empowered through the journey of conceiving, growing, delivering, and caring for our babies.

Since graduating with the degree Doctor of Physical Therapy with honors from George Washington University, Kate has completed extensive continuing education in caring for pregnant people. She is passionate about caring for people around pregnancy and the complications that can occur for years after. She is dedicated to expanding her own knowledge in order to help more people live the life they deserve.

Kate utilizes manual therapy techniques, lifestyle and nutritional modifications, education on movement patterns, and exercise to help you live life without limitations. Kate will help to ease the aches, pains and discomforts of pregnancy. Kate treats low back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, pubic symphysis pain, or sacroiliac joint dysfunction and promotes overall wellness to facilitate an easier and more comfortable pregnancy. Kate also provides labor preparation and education including personalized recommendations for delivery positions based on the symptoms you have and your ability to relax your pelvic floor in varying of positions.

Kate makes sure you are able to enjoy your new baby without pain. Kate can help if you are leaking urine (even just a few drops with coughing, jumping, exercising, or playing with your children), experiencing pain, having difficulty returning to exercise, or finding parenthood more physically exerting than you were prepared for.

Kate treats all conditions from the bottom half of your abdomen through the top half of your thighs (hip, pelvic, low back, and abdominal dysfunctions).

In her free-time, Kate enjoys an active healthy lifestyle with her husband, three daughters, and dog. Kate enjoys yoga, kickboxing, biking, hiking, skiing, and ice skating. In the past, Kate has played many team sports including soccer, field hockey, ice hockey, and rugby. Her favorite place to relax is at her family farm in Maine, ideally with plenty of lobster and wild blueberry pie.

Liz Neuman PT, DPT, OCS, CDN

Liz Neuman believes that people should be able to live their lives not limited by pain. Her passion lies in helping parents and athletes alike continue or return to activities.

A North Shore native, after graduating from Northwestern University as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, she went on to work in Madison, WI where she started her pelvic health career and became a board certified Orthopedic Clinic Specialist. She then moved to Nashville, TN where she worked at a pelvic health specialty clinic helping women and men with pelvic pain and weakness. Her favorite patients were the ones that had “failed” PT. She would use her extensive knowledge of the body including the pelvic floor, the forgotten link between the upper and lower body, to assist them back to their activities.

Liz can treat aches and pains along the body from head to toe and specializes from the ribcage to the knees. She believes in a hands on approach with manual therapy and education in movement patterns, lifestyle modifications, and exercise to help her patients live the fullest life. She is also certified in trigger point dry needling allowing her to more efficiently treat muscular limitations.

Growing up, Liz was an avid ice skater and is familiar with the demands of the body for high intensity sport. She believes in working with her athletes to allow them to return to or continue competing in their sport.

She enjoys treating new parents and giving them space to heal themselves. She understands what it is like to be a new parent and the challenges that it brings. She wants you to be able to enjoy your family without fear of pain or leakage.

In her free-time, you can find Liz being active with her husband and two kids. She enjoys running, yoga, pilates, and good company, food, and libations.

Nadia Ori, PT, DPT, CAPP-OB

Nadia Ori is passionate about helping women through the physical changes of their lives. She believes that women should not have to live with pain or incontinence. She strives to empower mothers to prioritize themselves so that they can be the best version of themselves- not only to be a caregiver but also perform all their desired activities.

Nadia grew up in Highland Park and graduated from the University of Illinois, Chicago with a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree. She has also recieved a Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Physical Therapy-Obstetrics. She specializes in treating people who are pregnant with pain, such as low back pain, sacroiliac dysfunction, pelvic pain, and pubic symphysis pain. She believes that through manual therapy, exercise, body mechanics training, and lifestyle modifications, expectant mothers can experience a more enjoyable and comfortable pregnancy. Nadia will also recommend labor and delivery positions that will ease symptoms and decrease stress on the pelvis and surrounding musculature.

Nadia can treat pain or weakness from your head to your toes. She specializes in treating from the shoulders to the thighs. She believes that with individualized physical therapy women can achieve their physical goals and live a life without limitations.

Nadia began her interest as a physical therapist while competing as a gymnast. Through exercise and activity modifications she overcame injuries to compete at the collegiate level. Furthermore, as a mom of three she understands the physical demands women experience during pregnancy and the postpartum period as well as the challenges that come with being a parent. Nadia would like new moms not to be limited by pain or leakage when caring for their family.

In her free-time Nadia can be found with her husband and three very active children. She loves the outdoors specifically hiking and running in the sunshine, rain or snow!



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