CocoonCare[TM] - Pregnancy Care

770 N LaSalle Dr Suite 401
Chicago, Illinois 60654

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Services in a nutshell

VIRTUAL CLASSES AVAILABLE. CocoonCare Prenatal™, Postpartum™, and Health Coaching™ provides yoga classes, fitness, and health coaching services to women in their childbearing years. Chicago’s original fitness and wellness center specifically catered to women in their childbearing years. Healthy moms make healthy babies. We help create healthy, happy mommies!

More About Us
All our classes are currently being offered via online on Zoom.  Sign up on our site and we’ll send you a link once you’ve registered.
  • Because our classes are intimate settings and moms & moms-to-be can connect with each other
  • Because our members smell lovely; we are not a stinky, sweaty gym
  • Because you can go to a fitness classyoga class, get coaching services, go to a workshop and meet an expert all in one place
  • Because you don’t have to navigate your bump through a forest of machines you can’t use
  • Because you can talk about heartburn, nausea, cravings, swollen feet, sleep deprivation…24/7
  • Because not just anyone can train you when you are pregnant or a mom, no matter what they say
  • Because we keep an eye on you to make sure you are getting what you need
  • Because you should not have to google your way through parenthood
  • Because you are not alone in this and you need a support system for you, your baby and your family
  • Because you we have our partner Pulling Down the Moon in house for your massage, acupuncture, & nutrition needs

You are unlike anyone else. Down to your genetic make-up, there are special characteristics that make you completely unique. This is what is known as bio-individuality. Health coaching addresses factors such as lifestyle and dietary habits (to name a few) with intention to bring them into balance for your optimal health.

Our team

Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of experienced prenatal, postpartum instructors, Doulas, midwives, and holistic wellness professionals who empower women to be informed, be prepared, and be more in control of their health.


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