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Services in a nutshell

At the core of Intuit’s practice is a fundamental belief that you know your body best, but we help you look deeper and feel deeper. We search to treat symptoms at the cause.We offer a variety of healing services including massage, energy work, and talk therapy to support you in pregnancy and the postpartum period. We are here to support you on your path whether it is filled with joy and abundance or grief, and loss. We can help you process and create space in your body and life for all the physical, mental, emotional, and family adjustments you may need. We are a trauma informed space filled with mothers supporting mothers and other birthing people. Knowledgeable in NICU and loss experiences as well as raising babies of our own.

More About Us
Pregnancy Care & Services

We have a strong focus on supporting mothers-to-be and pregnant people, offering integrated that can include:

Massage Therapy: Each massage session is custom designed to meet each client’s individual needs. Massage intensity may vary from general relaxation to deep-tissue, depending on the client’s preference.

Energy Work: Utilizing traditional Reiki to realign mind, body, and spirit with love and compassion. We also perform what we call energy massage. Energy massage combines Reiki and massage therapy to identify negative or stagnant energy and pull it from the body, resulting in deep relaxation and pain release.

Craniosacral Therapy: Craniosacral therapy is a gentle form of bodywork which locates and corrects imbalances in the craniosacral system—a system made up of the brain, spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluid, cranial bones, and sacrum. This deeply intuitive hands-on technique is suggested for whole body/mind/soul healing. Craniosacral massage will combine this manual energetic work with traditional massage techniques for intense relaxation and stress reduction.

Hot Stone Massage: A hot stone massage combines relaxing warmth and deep massage to encourage the body to detox and heal. The heat from the stones increases lymphatic circulation and quickly relaxes the body so the therapist can focus on a deep working of the tissues. A 90 or 120 minute hot stone massage service is recommended for those who may have a difficult time relaxing or staying grounded.

Scalp Treatment: The scalp treatment can be added to any massage service or be performed as a 30 minute stand-alone service. In this treatment the massage therapist will use warm towels and argon oil to moisturize the scalp and condition the hair. From there the therapist will perform light to deep tissue work on the scalp, addressing all muscle tension on this part of the body that is often ignored. The scalp holds most of our anxiety, stress, and control and in this treatment you will have a moment to let that all go. This treatment is meant to hydrate the scalp, promote relaxation, and increase awareness of where one holds their stress.

Talk therapy: At Intuit Healing we believe in the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. We need all aspects of ourselves to be tended to in order to achieve balance. With our trained professionals we have created a safe space in order for you to share what is truly happening in your life. We are here to help you weather your storms and understand your cycles.

Our team

Mary: Massage Therapy, Energy Work

She/Her (Level C Pricing)

Mary is a firm believer in the power of healing touch. As a graduate of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, Mary’s education has a foundation in Swedish/relaxation, trigger point, and neuromuscular massage. She is a 22-year member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), and has extensive experience in the spa and fitness industries.

In 2000, Mary found her passion as a Reiki Master and now she employs an integrated approach, meeting clinical massage with energy work to optimize client healing.

Mary’s experience includes pregnancy massage, hot stone, cupping, and craniosacral therapy. Her work with seniors has taught her to meet each client where they are at that moment, in order to provide massage and energy work from a place of non-judgment. She uses a client’s words, energy, and muscle tissue to intuitively provide the best massage experience possible.

Christine: Massage therapy

She/Her (Level C Pricing)

Christine has been a clinical massage therapist since 2009. She graduated from the Cortiva Institute in Chicago and is an active member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). Her background of experience ranges from Spa to Clinical Chiropractic work and encourages holistic breathing and mind calming techniques. Her ability to customize every massage session to each person’s needs is what’s kept her thriving in this industry.

Christine’s love for sports, women’s athletics and being a roller derby athlete herself has polished her techniques as a massage therapist. It has also encouraged her sense of community and need for accessible, safe and reliable healing. She wants to create a space for all people in need of bodywork including her fellow LGBTQ+ individuals. All bodies are deserving of health and wellness and she is determined to make that known to all communities.

She is skilled in techniques such as Deep Tissue, Pre, Peri & Post Natal Massage, Cupping, Aromatherapy, Myofascial Release, Sports, & Trigger Point Therapy.

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived; this is to have succeeded”. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Christina Rose: Massage therapy

She/Her (Level B Pricing)

Christina Rose was introduced to bodywork on a path to recovery after a hip injury. Incorporating massage with western medical advice opened up her outlook on holistic healthcare during this time in her life.

In 2009, she completed LMT training at the Cortiva School of Massage Therapy in Chicago. Over the years, Christina Rose has honed in on blending relaxation styles with intuitive therapeutic care. Her experience ranges in relaxation, deep tissue, hot stone and pre/post natal bodywork.

Her goal is to create long term positive changes in the body by using a firm touch to soften tissue rather than forcing through excessive pressure; which she believes is key to restorative healing .

Singeli:  Massage therapy, energy work

She/ Her (Level B Pricing)

Singeli has been around massage therapy since the 90’s when she got to witness firsthand the powerful effects massage has on the body and mind. While her career took a detour into the theatre and opera world, she found her way back and graduated from the Cortiva Institute. Following Cortiva, she worked at the East Bank Club and is an active member of the Association for Bodywork and Massage Professionals.

She believes that everyone deserves to feel safe, connected, and confident in their bodies. Her volunteer work with Crisis Text Line has enabled her to approach every session with curiosity, compassion, and non-judgment— implementing the principles of Health At Every Size to bodywork.

Her specialties include trauma-informed massage from a Polyvagal and Attachment Theory lens (de-threatening sensations and movements, integrating the body and mind, and calming the nervous system), hot stone, craniosacral, myofascial release, Ayurvedic head massage, cupping, and pre-and-post natal.

Singeli also practices sound healing and became a Reiki master and Certified Hypnotist during the Pandemic.

Singeli is honored to be a part of the team at Intuit Healing and looks forward to being a part of your wellness journey.

Katie, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor


Katie is a board certified, licensed clinical counselor practicing as an individual, family, and couples therapist. She holds a masters degree in Counseling Psychology and has been trained in several evidence-based treatment models, including cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems therapy, and multi systemic therapy. Katie works with individuals working through anxiety, depression, and difficulty adjusting to new transitions in their lives. She utilizes her education and years of experience to create personalized treatment plans for each client based on their individual goals.

Outside of private practice, Katie worked as a therapist and clinical supervisor at a non-profit organization in Chicago. Katie has experience working with adults, families, youth, and couples with diverse backgrounds and a wide range of concerns. She is a solution-focused and person-centered therapist. Katie is a welcome addition to Intuit Healing and is covered by insurance. She will be offering both virtual, and in-person talk therapy.

Cameron: Owner


Cameron first discovered alternative healing in Costa Rica and it was there she was introduced to energy work. Through her studies of the energetic realm she was inspired to learn everything she could about the human body. Attending massage therapy school at Cortiva Institute in Chicago, she specialized in sports therapy and rehabilitation, with a focus on marathon runners. Later she moved into the spa industry, broadening her specialties to trigger point and myofacial release, manual manipulation therapy, infant massage, pre- and post-natal therapy, end-of-life therapy, and work and study with tensor maseter disease.

Cameron broadened her practice further, attending Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies. Thai therapy allowed Cameron to effectively blend both eastern and western understanding into her bodywork. With five year’s experience Cameron quickly jumped to the top of her field as lead therapist at one of the top spas in Chicago, as well as an experienced and trusted reiki practitioner. Cameron’s primary goal for her practice is to establish trust with the client and identify root problems, not just symptoms, within the body.


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