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Circle+Bloom has many tailored guided meditation programs available for different fertility journeys couples go on. From natural fertility, to IVF/IUI, FET or TTC with PCOS, and even miscarriage programs as well for helping with healing. Our programs have helped many women over the years and our founder Joanne Verkuilen had her own infertility journey with her second child.

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Joanne Verkuilen is the founder of Circle + Bloom which aims to share the incredible power of the mind-body connection. Her various programs and guided meditations are designed to empower anyone on their journey. Diagnosed with PCOS and the possibility of infertility as a late teen, she did struggle to conceive. She had two very different pregnancy experiences but it ended with two happy, beautiful children. You can find more about Joanne Verkuilen at her website and by following her on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

When her friend Stephanie also started having fertility problems and seeing what she went through, this gave Joanne a business idea. Thus she created Circle + Bloom back in 2008. Exploring the connection between the mind and body, she created a meditation program for both infertility and cancer. Her company grew fairly into the scale that it is today and has since helped over 40,000 women worldwide.


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