Cygnus Lactation Services - Recovering from Loss or Trauma

1500 S. Lake St.
Mundelein, Illinois
8717 Skokie Blvd. LL 110
Skokie, Illinois
Services in a nutshell

The Science of Support! We offer support for perinatal mood disorders. We are a full service lactation clinic, milk bank dispensary and depot, and can help with breastfeeding challenges after a traumatic birth.

More about us
Perinatal mood disorders

We offer screening for perinatal mood disorders, and our “Healing Hearts” weekly group meetings offer support and teach skills to mothers experiencing postpartum anxiety and depression.

Lactation support

We are known for our unique approach — Unlimited rechecks. When a mom meets with us for her initial consult and assessment, we then also provide unlimited follow-up visits in our office at no charge for as long as she’s breastfeeding her baby — for any issue, including weaning, that comes up.

We handle all of the paperwork for insurance reimbursement for our services, something most other practices leave to the mom.

Total Care Membership 2 hours @ $350.00
Full initial lactation consultation (1.5 – 2.0 hours)Membership also includes:
UNLIMITED RECHECK APPOINTMENTS, unlimited access to IBCLCs through phone, text and email, unlimited weight checks

Total Care Membership – TWINS 2 hours 30 minutes @ $375.00
Same as our regular Membership, but for 2 babies!Full initial lactation consultation (2 – 2.5 hours)Also includes: UNLIMITED RECHECK APPOINTMENTS, unlimited access to IBCLCs through phone, text and email, unlimited weight checks

As We Grow Membership (for older babies who are not already members) 1 hour @ $150.00
Perfect if you have an older baby but have questions about topics such as: Starting solids, returning to work, pumping, milk storage, weaning, or basic breastfeeding questions. (Does not include physical exams of baby / mom or hand-on help with latching)

All memberships include UNLIMITED recheck visits — as well as support via phone, emails, and texts! There is no better value for your money!

Breastmilk dispensary, depot and lab:  As a dispensary, we distribute processed breast milk from Milk Bank of Western Great Lakes; we also serve as a depot where previously screened moms can drop off donated milk for the milk bank.

Our lab provides Breastmilk analysis to provide specific calorie / fat content information that can be very helpful to doctors, especially when dealing with medically fragile babies.

We also provide breast pumps, bras, slings, books, and more.

Our team


Jeanne Cygnus has been working with breastfeeding moms, babies, and their families since 1995.

Jeanne owns and runs Cygnus Lactation Services, which includes a teaching clinic, a corporate support division known as LactCorp Solutions, and a professional education division.  She has also recently finished a book for parents called “Why do Babies DO that?!  Every Parent’s Struggle between Culture and Biology” that is pending publication.

Jeanne also recently certified in Perinatal Mental Health, and is working to set up support groups, both for families expecting or parenting a new baby, and also for parents experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders.

Jeanne is the current president of the Northern Illinois Lactation Consultant Association (NILCA), which helps support those who go on to support the breastfeeding families in our community.

Her children are now in their 20’s, but she breastfed them each well into their second year.


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