Dr. Erika Yamin, Perinatal Licensed Clinical Psychologist - Recovering from Loss or Trauma

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Supporting perinatal mental health though individual and couples therapy, and integrated psychological assessment.

Nothing impacts us quite like our reproductive health. Infertility, pregnancy loss, preparing for pregnancy and parenthood — the full range of these experiences touch our minds, bodies, relationships, and spirits in incredibly powerful ways. Yet, too often we do not have the opportunity to process these experiences in a safe space with someone knowledgeable about both the biology of reproductive health, and about its social and emotional aspects. Organizing what seems overwhelming is an important step in becoming comfortable with powerful events, new identities, and significant changes.

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions for adults and adolescents are 50 minutes in length. We can work together to establish goals for therapy and I strive to be transparent about the process. I am comfortable guiding you through long or short-term therapy, and want our work to move at the pace you set. It takes time to build trust, and when I can earn it and be your partner in personal growth, it is my privilege.

Couples Therapy

All relationships require work, and the willingness to examine relational dynamics with a caring guide is an investment in your future.  Our initial session typically includes an exploration of each partner’s concerns and hopes for the partnership, and a discussion about goals.  Through therapy, couples often report increased insight about unhelpful relational dynamics, increased knowledge about ones own needs and triggers, increased empathy for ones partner, and improved communication skills.

Integrated Psychological Assessment

Psychological testing is a process that uses a combination of techniques to better understand cognitive, academic, and/or emotional functioning for a given individual. Psychological testing, or assessment, is done through observation of an individual performing tasks, review of  questionnaires, and analysis of objective and standardized measures. Analysis of projective measures may also be used.  Psychological testing is helpful for diagnostic clarification, recommendations for treatment, identification of learning difficulties or specific learning disorders, and various legal and occupational purposes.

Our team


My approach is warm, authentic, and nonjudgmental. I aim to honor the uniqueness of each person and tailor my approach to best facilitate individual journeys and goals. It takes time to build trust, and it is my privilege to be your partner in personal growth. I am continually awed watching my clients heal and transform.

I work with adults, adolescents, and couples on a wide range of issues including anxiety, low mood, trauma, relationship concerns, and life transitions. I have a long-term passion for supporting women’s reproductive mental health, and extensive experience working with women and couples in this area.


I began graduate school at the University of Chicago where I earned a M.A. in Cultural Anthropology. My research was focused on women’s cross-cultural experiences becoming mothers.

I went on to earn my doctorate at the Chicago School for Professional Psychology, where I served as Fellow of The Chicago School’s Center for Multiculturalism and Diversity Studies from 2012-2013, and co-creator and President of The Women’s Group from 2011-2013.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Illinois.


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