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I'm preparing for pregnancy


Prenatal counseling. Preconception health. Fertility support.

I'm pregnant


Support for optimal health in pregnancy. Complementary care for discomforts and disorders. Counseling.

I'm planning for birth


Doulas. Birth photographers. Childbirth concierge services. Placental encapsulation. Birth tub rental. Cord blood banking.

I have a new baby


Recovery from birth. Lactation support. Pediatricians. Complementary care for mother and newborn. Postpartum depression.

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Help with trauma or loss related to conception, pregnancy or birth. Miscarriage. Stillbirth. Loss of a newborn. Traumatic birth.

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[COMING SOON] All types of classes. Yoga and exercise. Childbirth preparation. Parenting and breastfeeding.


[2020] How to dramatically reduce your risk of having a cesarean section [gn]

The likelihood that you will end up with a Cesarean section is much more in your control than you might think. By choosing a Chicago-area hospital with a low primary C-section rate, you can cut your odds nearly in half.

[2021] COVID-19: If I test positive or have symptoms, will I be separated from my baby after birth? [wc]

When you arrive at the hospital in labor, you will be screened for COVID-19. If you test positive, or if you have symptoms that suggest you might be infected, then you and your clinical team will have to decide together: Is it better overall for you and your newborn to room together, or is it better for you to be in separate rooms? This article will help you prepare in case you need to make that decision.

Bottom line: The decision is up to you, and major leading health organizations are now aligned in supporting COVID-positive mothers who choose rooming in and breastfeeding their newborns.

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