Kelly Stewart, ENT

500 Remington Blvd
Bolingbrook IL, 94016

Hospital | Doctor (Hospital-Based)

Individual Outcomes (Self-Reported)

  • Overall C-section rate - no data provided
  • Primary C-section rate - no data provided
  • Instrumental delivery rate - no data provided
  • VBAC rate - no data provided
  • Exclusive breastfeeding rate - no data provided
  • Number of VBAC deliveries per year - no data provided
  • Epidural rate - no data provided
  • Overall induction rate - no data provided
  • Early elective delivery rate - no data provided
  • Episiotomy rate - no data provided

Personal Statement

No Personal Statement available.

Training & Credentials

No Information Available.

Policies & Routines


Patient acceptance

  • Many of this practitioner's patients are high risk

Maternity care honors & awards

External reviews

Last updated: January 27, 2021
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