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Hands-on, science-based solutions to help you and your child establish better sleep habits. Certified newborn, baby, toddler, and child sleep consultants. Offering in-person and virtual sleep training support and on-demand courses for families in the Chicago area and worldwide.

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What if instead of the bedtime marathon and midnight meal times, your sweet little one was happily drifting through dreamland for a full night’s rest? We are all better versions of ourselves with the sleep we need, and you and your child are no different. Our proven method will have your little one snoozing through sweet dreams in less than a week.

As recovering pulling-my-hair-out-because-my-kid-isn’t-sleeping moms, we know exactly where you’re at, because we’ve been there. There’s nothing more debilitating than running on no rest for weeks on end, and nothing more frustrating than a baby who won’t sleep when you know they’re tired. (Trust us, your baby is just as frustrated, too.)

You’ve heard it all — from “Let him cry!” and “She’ll fall asleep eventually!” to every last suggestion (that you said you’d never try — until you did) in the book, and nothing seems to be working for your family. That’s where we come in.

Impartial, never-judgy and science-based, solutions-oriented sleep enthusiasts.

That’s right. It’s time for bed, and we’ve got you.

Prenatal and Newborn Sleep Education (up to 16 weeks)

Are you expecting or the parent to a brand new bundle of joy? Congratulations! Let’s work together to establish sustainable sleep practices and learn in-the-moment strategies that will keep you and your baby rested and ready for all sorts of new adventures!

Work with me before or soon after your little bundle arrives to gain the insight you’ll need to establish healthy sleep habits as soon as you get home from the hospital. Plus, you’ll feel confident in your ability to know when your baby needs to sleep and how to get your baby sleeping with ease.

Sleep Solutions for Babies & Young Toddlers (4 months to 30 months)

The number of sleep issues that can arise for an infant in their first year is extraordinary. The most common ones we can help you tackle are feeding or rocking to sleep, frequent nighttime or early morning wake-ups and daytime napping challenges. But you name your struggle, and we are here to help solve it.

We will support you through breaking bad habits and replacing them with new, healthy, sustainable choices that allow your family to get the rest you need to be your very best.

Sleep Solutions for Toddlers & Preschoolers for Children 2.5 to 6 Years Old

Maybe the “baby stage” was a literal dream, but now that you’ve got a “big kid” you’ve got bigger problems. Bedtime battles like staying in their bed or room, holding you “hostage” to fall asleep, and crib to bed transitions are all things we can help you address.

We will support you through breaking bad habits and replacing them with new, healthy, sustainable choices that allow your family to get the rest you need to be your very best. Plus, we engage your child in the process, helping them buy-in and mentally prepare for the new normal.

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Our Team

Kelly Murray

As the founder and owner of Kelly Murray Sleep Consulting, I get the privilege of helping parents create sustainable solutions for their families to get the rest they need.

Because, after all, well-rested babies and parents do everything better.

I’m the mom of two rambunctiously adorable kiddos, and wife to my amazing husband of 8 years. We live in the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago, and in the warmer months, you can find us at the parks, beaches, museums and on the 606 bike trail. We love a good adventure! When my kids wake up every morning, the first thing they ask is “where are we going today?”

My greatest goal is to raise children who work and love hard. This is a big reason I prioritize sleep in my house. Who has the energy to work hard or the patience to be kind when they’re sleep deprived? I don’t care if they are the smartest or most athletic kids, I just want them to be good people who try their best at everything they do.


  • Trained under Dana Oblemann, the founder of the Sleep Sense Method in 2016
  • Graduated with High Distinction from the University of Michigan – Dearborn (BBA)
  • Completed Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Training at Rush University Medical Center
  • Worked in Medela’s NICU Human Milk Feeding division for close to 10 years
  • Appointed Sleep Sense Advisory Board
  • Awarded Top 200 Best Sleep Consultants in the U.S. from Tuck
  • Helped over 1.000 families in Chicago and beyond solve their sleep challenges
  • Received over 200 5-star Google Reviews

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