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Fun, elegant and story-telling portraits of modern parenthood & life with baby.

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Why birth photography?

Having a baby is extraordinary and really hard work. You deserve to look back on this day and see your self as strong and beautiful.


That moment of meeting your baby for the very first time will only happen once. With birth photography you can experience it completely while having the peace of mind that your memories are being captured.


If this is not your first rodeo then you know all about labor-land. While everyone else may remember this amazing day, many moms have a hard time recalling details. Birth photos will help you piece your story together while giving you a picture of the moment you met your baby.

Our team

Meet Maggie – The Photographer

I have been working with birthing people, families and babies for ten years. With a great understanding of the transition into motherhood/parenthood I find myself feeling like a birth worker AND photographer simultaneously

I’m eternally in awe of the incredible power and strength that we, women, parents and birthing people posses and our ability to play many roles.

I have a BFA in Media Arts and Animation and soon after college I had two kids, Nolan and Gavin. In an attempt to savor our moments I began documenting our time together. I often wished that someone would document our everyday moments together in a way that is as intense and beautiful as the love I felt for my babies. That is how my passion of being a documentary birth and baby photographer began.

I want you to know that I am not just a photographer with a fancy camera (it’s a mirror-less Fuji by the way – for any tech nerds out there) I have an innate skill to seamlessly weave myself into the fabric of your family life, without you even noticing that I am snapping photos. Resulting in authentic, unique images.

Meet Sarah – The Creative Assistant

Graduate from Columbia College , Chicago with a BFA in Painting and a Minor in Art History. Visual artist, writer, photographer, collector of unusual relics, avid reader, GOTH MAMA.

The love of my life, Benjamin and I have 2 beautiful wildlings together, Dominic age 3 and Greta Age 2.

We live on the Southside of Chicago in the Bridgeport neighborhood and spend our days in our faerie- garden grotto together. Dancing, visiting museums, playing records,making music, getting weird and creative are our favorite family activities.

Being an advocate for women and girls has always been a huge passion of mine . My artwork and writing often tells the story of a woman’s devotions, powers, magick, ingenuity and beauty. I come from a long line of strong, tall ladies that are loud and full of stories.  I love children and small animals and my happy little strange and spooky family. Being a Mother is terrifying and beautiful at once, which the best things in life usually are.


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