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We are a boutique doula agency serving the Chicago and Milwaukee Areas. We combine education, evidence-based research, and hands-on support to help you have an entirely different kind of labor and birth.

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Holistic Labor Support

Feeling a bit panicked about birth?

Have a ton of questions about pregnancy that you wish you could ask someone?

Worried your partner won’t know the best ways to support you in labor?

This is exactly what your doula is there for!

The Free Consultation

After you call, text or email us we’ll set up a free consultation by zoom. We want to hear all about your hopes, dreams, and fears for your birth. This intake is done with The Birth Zone owner, Jasmine Sassack, who will then pair you with a doula perfectly suited to meet your needs.

Prenatal Services

After you hire us we’re on call for you 24/7. Truly. You can call, text, or email us at any time day or night, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Have a question about what’s happening in your body? Wondering about the research and statistics on your birth options? Need an unbiased ear to listen to your middle-of-the-night freakout? We’re here for you.

Childbirth Education

Every Birth Zone client receives a complete childbirth education course as part of the package, taught live on Zoom by agency owner Jasmine Sassack. You’ll receive two three-hour group sessions: one is focused on everything you need to know about labor and creating your birth plan, the other is focused on the postpartum period and caring for your newborn. At the conclusion of these sessions you’ll have a completed customized birth plan that can be provided to your doula, doctor or midwife, and hospital staff.

Continuous Labor & Birth Support

As your labor begins we’ll be in frequent contact via text and phone to find out what’s going on and what you need. Your doula will join you once you’re in active labor and stay by your side until well after your baby is born.

Your doula WILL support any decisions you make; respect all your choices; suggest labor positions; provide gentle massage; anticipate your needs; alleviate your (and your partner’s) fears; encourage your partner to eat drink and rest when appropriate; provide endless encouragement.

Your doula WILL NOT make decisions on your behalf; take the place of any important person in your life; overstep with your medical team.

Postpartum Support

After your baby is born your doula will stay by your side to ensure that you’re physically comfortable, eating and drinking as appropriate, and adjusting to the very beginning stages of parenting outside-the-womb.

Your doula will stand by as you begin feeding your newborn baby to provide any assistance or support that you desire.

About two hours after your baby is born your doula will say a quiet goodbye and be on their way. But the support doesn’t end there! You continue to have 24/7 access to us via text, email, and phone just like before. You can call us in the middle of the night if your baby is having trouble latching, or you’re exhausted and just need someone to cry to, or you want us to see if your baby’s poop looks normal.

Whenever you’re settled at home and ready for a visit we’ll offer to drop by for a short pressure-free visit to process your birth experience and find out if you need referrals to any additional services.

Types Of Births We Support

We support ALL BIRTHS! This includes hospital birth, home birth, VBAC, HBAC (homebirth after cesarean), multiples, med-free birth, epidural birth, land birth, water birth, and any other kind of birth you can think of! The only caveat is that for insurance reasons we cannot attend unassisted or free births (births without a midwife or OB).

Where We Work

We work with clients within the greater Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, and Southern Wisconsin area.

​The Birth Doula Package Includes:

  • 24/7 phone, text, and email support.
  • A trained and experienced doula assigned specifically to you.
  • Six hours of complete childbirth education classes.
  • One prenatal meeting with your doula.
  • Customized birth planning.
  • Continuous labor support without any time limits (labor can be LONG).
  • Non-professional (but still beautiful) photographs of your labor process.
  • A postpartum meeting in your home.
  • Backup coverage with a reliable and trustworthy doula in the very rare event that your assigned doula can’t make your birth.
Our team


Jasmine, Birth Doula & Childbirth Educator

Welcome! I attended my first birth when I was only 20 years old and my roommate found herself pregnant, alone in a new country, and scared. After 30 hours of labor I went home exhausted, but exhilarated – I knew I had found my life’s passion and work. In the 20 years that have passed since that day I’ve gotten married, given birth to two children, fostered twenty children, completed four adoptions, become a childbirth educator, become a certified labor doula, started a thriving podcast, and founded this agency.

I can’t make any promises about how your birth will go except for this: having a Birth Zone doula by your side will absolutely make it better.

Tess, Birth Doula & Body-Love Doula

I am a birth doula certified through well-rounded maternity. I live in downtown Milwaukee and have been fascinated and passionate about pregnancy and birth since I was a young girl. I got into birth work in 2020, and learned doula-ing by shadowing another local doula, which gave me hands-on experience. I am particularly passionate about out of hospital births and specifically home births.

I have my own business as The Embodiment Doula and within that I help humans learn to love their bodies and themselves, so they can start living the life they’re dying to live, but are currently holding back because they aren’t at peace with their body. As someone who has healed from an eating disorder, and as someone who lives with chronic illness, I understand how difficult it can be to feel good in your body and feel good about your body when it’s frequently changing.

I am available for pregnancy and labor support. I am also available to working with you on loving your body through all of the changes you experience. I am committed to holding non-judgmental space for you and the birth you desire.

In my free time I love spending time with my family, cooking, going for walks, traveling, playing mahjong, & reading/listening to podcasts!

Rebekkah, Birth & Postpartum Doula

Rebekkah is a certified DONA birth doula and postpartum doula. Rebekkah identifies with the importance of evidence-based care and mindfulness throughout pregnancy and labor.

Her love of birth makes her an avid learner in the birth world with expertise in:

  • Professional member of Evidence Based Birth.
  • Being a certified GentleBirth and Informed Beginnings Childbirth Educator.
  • TENS training for use in labor.
  • Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss Training.
  • Spinning Babies.

Rebekkah supports hospital, birth center, and home births. She is known to be the calm in the room during births. She helps families consider all their options when decisions need to be made during labor through explanation and awareness of informed consent. She provides comfort and alternative pain relief options throughout labor, helping the partner and birthing person to stay as calm, comfortable, and nourished throughout the entire experience. She really enjoys meeting families and helping them with creating and discussing birth preferences prior to the delivery.

Rebekkah enjoys providing daytime and overnight care to families as a postpartum doula. She lends a calm listening ear to understand and help families figure out what is best for every individual family. She loves being able to support families with her passion of cooking by helping with preparation of nourishing snacks and meal preparation. Rebekkah loves baby wearing and brings her personal wrap with her to visits, she loves showing parents how to baby wear and helps by providing an opportunity for parents to rest as needed.

Rebekkah always talks about how being a doula is her dream job, she genuinely feels called to her work and personally cares about each client she supports.

Rebekkah has two children of her own, her son Everett (born in 2017) and her daughter Ryann (born in 2019) both had very different experiences coming into the world and Rebekkah feels that her personal experience brings her clients a comfort knowing she understands what it means to advocate to have a birth you desire and how to find resources to make the transition home with baby feel seamless.

In her free time, Rebekkah enjoys being outdoors with her family, traveling, listening to podcasts/audio books, and enjoying delicious meals.

Lex, Birth & Postpartum Doula

​Lex is a birth and postpartum doula serving the Chicago metro area. She provides continuity of care from pregnancy through labor, and into postpartum. With an understanding that every birth is unique, she works dynamically with all of her families, paying special attention to the particulars of each of their stories, and honoring all traditions, choices, and values. She works flexible day and evening hours, is comfortable in a variety of settings, and is sensitive to the differing needs and requirements of all.

Lex offers full-spectrum, trauma-informed care, and has specialization working with LGBTQIA+ and military families. Her practice incorporates perinatal and infant massage, acupressure, yogic movement, meditation, visualization, affirmation, breathing techniques, and other holistic offerings such as baths, steams, herbs, and belly-binding. She is knowledgeable and confident, and happy to support, coach, and educate birthing people and their partners as they communicate need and desire.

Alexa has a strong passion for supporting women at their most vulnerable, providing them with safe space free of judgment, and acting as resource and companion, so that they have opportunity to better understand and advocate for themselves. Birth is a transformative event, and families are first!


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