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Services in a nutshell

Perinatal counseling for individuals and couples, with expertise in pregnancy and postpartum therapy, perinatal grief, birth trauma, paternal postpartum depression and Gottman Method couples counseling.

More About Us

We are a team of counselors who specialize in supporting families in the perinatal period. Our mission is to empower your healing and growth through exceptional counseling. With compassion and expertise, we provide high-quality care to help you overcome challenges, build healthier relationships, and cultivate emotional well-being. Your journey is unique, and we’re here to support you in a safe and nurturing environment. Together, we’ll make a lasting impact, fostering personal and relational growth for a brighter future.

Individual Therapy

Perhaps you haven’t been feeling like yourself during this pregnancy. If this is your first child, you might worry that the fears you have mean you won’t be a good parent. Or maybe you’ve been pregnant before, but this time feels different, and you are worried something may be wrong with you or your baby.

Therapy allows for a safe space to talk about how you are feeling without judgment. We know how debilitating perinatal anxiety and depression can be, which is why we start by addressing those symptoms that are keeping you from feeling comfortable and confident.

When you are armed with practical coping skills to manage feelings of anxiety and depression, it becomes easier to recognize and challenge negative thoughts that are keeping you stuck and miserable.

In addition to teaching you practical coping skills, we will also explore those factors that may be driving your perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD). In some cases, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are rooted in family history or childhood experiences. Other times, a hormone imbalance could be making it difficult to feel like yourself. By considering the cause as well as symptoms, we are able to personalize our approach to your unique needs and goals as a parent. This helps us determine whether it might be wise to refer you to a reproductive psychiatrist to receive medication in addition to the specific practices we will teach you to help care for yourself.

The primary approaches we use are Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which can help with bonding and attachment. Studies have shown that parents who receive CBT or IPT treatment are 39 percent less likely to develop postpartum depression.

IPT focuses specifically on the interpersonal stressors and changes that can arise during pregnancy and after childbirth. It’s an effective, evidence-based approach that can drive fast, lasting results. As part of our work together, we can help you find a community of new parents, learn how to talk to your partner about dividing responsibilities, and recognize interpersonal stressors so you can better take care of yourself.

CBT is a scientifically validated approach for treating depression, and it has been shown to be effective in the treatment and prevention of postpartum depression. By incorporating CBT into our work together, you can recognize how your mood is affecting your perceptions and behaviors. When you learn to challenge negative thinking, you can reduce internal sources of stress and improve your ability to cope with feelings of anxiety or depression.

In addition to IPT and CBT, we will work with you to help establish healthy routines around diet, exercise, and sleep. Maintaining your physical wellbeing can help reduce the chances of developing or worsening postpartum depression.

Couples Counseling

Is pregnancy putting a strain on your relationship? Do you and your partner have a difficult time communicating without conversations turning into arguments or criticism? Is there an emotional disconnection or a lack of intimacy in your relationship that makes one of you feel angry, lonely, or rejected?

Co-parenting with another unique individual can create a host of problematic challenges. You may feel undervalued or frustrated because your partner isn’t more responsible or present. Or the demands of raising a family may have left you feeling like your intimate relationship has evolved into more of a business partnership. Similarly, maybe you have both naturally drifted apart over time, and you want to learn how to have fun and be friends again.

At Thrive Postpartum Couples and Families, we understand that at the end of the day, you just want to know that your partner has your back. Fortunately, working together as a team, you and your partner can learn to cultivate greater mutual respect, understanding, and compassion that can deepen and repair your relationship.

Our approach is founded on Gottman Method Couples Therapy, which differs from traditional approaches by offering a research-based framework grounded in decades of scientific research. Through comprehensive assessments and evidence-based interventions, therapists focus on teaching couples practical skills to enhance communication, manage conflict, and strengthen emotional connection. By addressing specific relationship patterns and fostering a solid foundation of friendship and trust, Gottman Therapy aims to create healthier and more resilient relationships that endure over time.





Our team


Suma (she/her/hers) proudly serves as the Owner of Thrive Postpartum, Couples and Family, previously the Postpartum Wellness Center that was founded in October 2013. She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with 20+ years of experience working with adults, couples and families and utilizes variety of therapeutic models including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, and Mindfulness Based Therapy.

  • Certified Gottman Therapist: Over a three-year program, Drs. John and Julie Gottman have personally trained Suma in what the industry largely recognizes as the highest quality couples therapy. Using the Gottman Method, Suma works to help her clients leverage action-oriented techniques that are based on cutting edge scientific research into what makes relationships work. Suma has also completed the advanced Gottman course: Treating Affairs and Trauma.
  • Certified Prepare and Enrich Premarital Counselor – Suma has undergone specialized training and certification in the field of premarital counseling through the Prepare and Enrich program. She possess expertise in utilizing the Prepare and Enrich assessment tools and interventions to guide couples in building strong foundations for their marriages.
  • Certified Perinatal Mental Heath Specialist : Suma has extensive post-graduate training in the assessment and treatment of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs). In additional to the Postpartum Support International training, Suma has gone on to complete Karen Kleiman’s landmark postgraduate clinical training in PMADs. Suma is a member of Postpartum Support International.

Katie (she/her/hers)  co-founded Postpartum Wellness Center, LLC in 2013. She has provided case management and counseling services to perinatal women, couples, and families for almost 20 years.

Katie specializes in Perinatal Mental Health and Trauma and has post-graduate training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Perinatal Grief and Loss of Miscarriages, Stillborns and the Loss of an Infant. She has extensive experience supporting families with babies in the NICU.

  • Certified Perinatal Mental Health Specialist: Katie has extensive post-graduate training in the assessment and treatment of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs). Katie has completed Postpartum Support International’s basic and advanced training (and now teaches them) and completed Karen Kleiman’s landmark clinical training in PMADs as well as both of her Advanced Trainings. Katie was in the first group of women in the world to earn certification in PMADs.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Trauma Practitioner: Katie utilizes EMDR, the most effective and quickest acting trauma therapy, for people who have experienced traumas big and small including birth trauma, the loss of a pregnancy or baby, infertility trauma, and general life traumas.
  • Maternal Mental Health Advocate – Katie has completed the Saybrook University Maternal Mental Health Advocate certification.
  • Gottman Level 2 Trained Couples Therapist: Katie enjoys the dynamic of couples counseling and utilizes the Gottman Method of research-based assessments and interventions to improve all aspects of a relationship.
  • Postpartum Support International: Katie is an educator and presenter for Postpartum Support International’s Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders Training and their Advanced Psychotherapy Program in which she shares her expertise educating other therapists in the assessment and treatment of PMADs across the country. Katie is also a member of Postpartum Support International.
  • Professional Speaker and Trainer: Katie has been a professional speaker and trainer throughout her career. She has written, copyrighted, edited, and managed three different psycho-educational programs. She has presented to thousands of teens, parents, educators, and clinicians.

Prior to joining Thrive Postpartum, Couples and Family Therapy, Stacey (she/her/hers) served as clinician in a transitional living program for women and children who are survivors of domestic abuse. Stacey chose to be a therapist due to her passion for treating those struggling with grief and loss. Stacey was also a long-time clinician at community mental health agency serving clients who suffered from many types of mood disorders, anxiety, women’s issues, trauma, attachment wounds, social anxiety, and family conflict. Additionally, Stacey has experience with anger and stress management.

Using Cognitive and Dialect Behavioral Therapy techniques, Stacey works to help her clients develop coping skills, transform maladaptive behaviors, create new, healthy and strong thought patterns.

  • Certified Perinatal Mental Health Specialist: Stacey is Certified in the assessment and treatment of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs).
  • Certified Bereavement Care Provider – The Compassionate Bereavement Care Certification® is an intensive four day training program through The MISS Foundation. The Miss Foundation is an international nonprofit group which aids parents whose children died. Stacey has also completed the Miss Foundation’s advanced grief training, facilitated by Dr. Joann Cacciatore, who is among the top two percent of researchers worldwide in the area of Traumatic Grief. As a bereavement specialist Stacey focuses on strengthening her ability to attend to each of her clients at a deeper level. She wishes to witness their grief in a way that allows her to be most in-tune with the way her clients needs to process their grief. Stacey believes in the importance of offering a flexible approach to grief support by being competent with a variety of approaches, tools and environments. Stacey hopes to teach her clients to trust themselves in expressing their grief and their needs so that ultimately they learn to integrate their grief and be present in their daily lives.
  • Related, Stacey also has experience in working with grief and loss specific to miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss and has completed The Perinatal Loss – A Framework for Healing certificate course.
  • Gottman Level 3 Trained – Stacey is trained in Gottman Method couples therapy. She enjoys relationship assessment, couples treatment planning, and using Gottman specific interventions to get couples back on track. Stacey has completed the following advanced Gottman Trainings:
    • Couples and addiction recovery
    • Treating affairs and trauma – Helping Couples Heal and Rebuild Trust

Aisha (she/her/hers) brings nearly a decade of direct practice experience working with children, youth and families. Her vast skill set includes individual and group counseling, parenting skills education and case management.

Aisha uses an eclectic approach to therapy tailored to her individual clients which may include cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, play therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy. She has assisted individuals with a broad spectrum of emotional and behavioral issues including mood and anxiety disorders, grief/loss, trauma, suicidality and self-harm, relationship concerns, anger management/impulse control, adolescent issues, coping skills, postpartum depression and parenting issues.

In addition to her past work at child welfare agencies, domestic violence shelters and in a variety of school settings, Aisha also facilitated a series of groups and educational workshops for adults and youth.

  • Certified Perinatal Mental Heath Specialist: Aisha has extensive post-graduate training in the assessment and treatment of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs). Related, Aisha also has experience in grief and loss work specific to miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss and has completed The Perinatal Loss – A Framework for Healing certificate course.
  • Gottman Level II Trained – Aisha is well versed in Couples Therapy. She enjoys relationship assessment, couples treatment planning, and using Gottman specific interventions to get couples back on track.
  • Advanced Grief Counseling Specialist Aisha has completed coursework and trainings over the last several years, including a 3 Day Advanced Grief Certification training course which is required to get her Certified Advanced Grief Counseling Specialist (CAGCS) Certification.  She explores with her clients all types of grief and loss, not limited to death, and helps them navigate, process and cope in a nonjudgmental, safe environment.
  • Workshop and Group Facilitator Aisha has led several groups educational workshops for adults and youth on topics including eating disorders, bullying, self-injury, self-esteem, parenting, socialization and domestic violence.

Vanessa (she/her/hers) comes to Thrive Postpartum, Couples and Family Therapy with a passion for helping her clients navigate life’s difficulties by providing the tools necessary for growth. Vanessa wants to help her clients become the best versions of themselves.

She has in-depth knowledge in crisis counseling due to her experience working in the adult and adolescent emergency room as well as working on the adult behavioral health inpatient unit.

Vanessa has also completed the 3-day advanced training in the assessment and treatment of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) through Postpartum Support International. Vanessa will be taking the (PMAD) certification exam in the near future. Vanessa is a member of Postpartum Support International.

Vanessa is well versed in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and uses these techniques throughout her client progress.

Vanessa graduated from Judson University with her masters in Mental Health Counseling. She also has her nursing assistant certification.


Rachel (she/her/hers) enjoys working with adults, parents, and couples to help them improve their relationships with themselves and others with self-compassion. She is passionate about collaborating with clients on building coping skills and self-care strategies, tailored to their specific needs, to better navigate life’s struggles and seasons of change. She is well versed in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and is also drawn to the principle of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Rachel provides a warm, nurturing, compassionate, person-centered approach, while gently challenging clients in positive and encouraging ways.

Rachel is a graduate of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2009, with a Masters of Arts in Forensic Psychology. She obtained her Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice and Psychology in 2005. Rachel has been involved in the mental health field for over 10 years, and has previous experience working with adults and the forensic population in community mental health, PHP, and inpatient psychiatric hospitals. During various seasons in her career, she has also taken some time off professionally, to care for her young family.

Rachel joined Thrive Postpartum, Couples and Family Therapy, with a keen understanding of how life can evolve and change in challenging, yet positive ways in a partnership, marriage, as well as in raising a growing family.

  • Gottman Level I & II Trained – Rachel is trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. She will employ Gottman-specific interventions to help couples establish new and meaningful bonds.
  • Perinatal Mental Health – Rachel has also completed the 2- day training in the Assessment and Treatment of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) and an Advanced
  • Psychotherapy Training Course through Postpartum Support International. Rachel is working toward her perinatal mental health specialist certification (PMH-C).

Rachel is a member of Postpartum Support International.


Ashley (she/her/hers) graduated with her Master’s in Social Work from Aurora University. Ashley specializes in Perinatal Mental Health, Perinatal Loss, Transitions into Parenthood, Couples Counseling, EMDR and Trauma Recovery, Grief, Bereavement, and Surviving Life After Loss.

After experiencing a second-trimester loss, Ashley aligned with educating and advocating for this life experience. As a yoga and wellness practitioner, she facilitates book clubs, women’s circles, group yoga classes, and special events supporting Perinatal Loss Awareness.

She hopes to help families navigate the complexities of life and learn authentic ways to parent their living and non-living children.

Ashley has completed:

  • Postpartum Support International’s two-day intensive on Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders and is working towards becoming a Certified Perinatal Mental Health Specialist.
  • Resolve Through Sharing (RTS) – Perinatal Death Certification. Ashley has completed the two-day intensive perinatal death certification.
  • Resolve Through Sharing (RTS) – Coordinator. Ashley has completed the intensive coordinator training and is now an RTS Coordinator.
  • The Perinatal Loss – A Framework for Healing Certificate Course. Ashley has completed this training to support the individuals experiencing perinatal loss fully.
  • Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) – Ashley has completed her clinical foundation training in EMDR, specializing in Perinatal Mental Health through Touchstone Institute and Institute for Creative Mindfulness. EMDR is a type of therapy that allows clients to process traumatic events throughout their lives.
  • SHARE’s Support Groups in Perinatal Bereavement Care course from the Sustaining Awareness and Access to Perinatal Bereavement Care series.
  • Gottman Level I & II Trained – Ashley is trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. She will utilize Gottman-specific interventions to help support couples as they create new meaningful connections.

Ashley serves on the Postpartum Support International-IL Chapter, Board of Directors leading the Advocacy and Social Justice Committee. PSI is a leading organization researching and advocating for mental health and therapeutic interventions for all birthing people.

Certified Yoga Facilitator – As a yoga/wellness group facilitator, Ashley creates trustworthy spaces for her students to explore their experiences through mindful movement.





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