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Fostering a healthy environment for baby is important long before pregnancy begins. In order for pregnancy to occur and for baby to thrive in those vulnerable early stages, chiropractic care plays an important role in supporting a healthy foundation.

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Why see a chiropractor during pre-pregnancy?

The role of a chiropractor is to detect and correct stress on your nervous system. This makes sense when you recall that the spine is what protects your spinal cord, a vital part of the central nervous system. In fact, the nervous system is the most important system in the entire human body. It is what sends signals back and forth to the brain and the rest of the body, to ensure that ALL systems are functioning properly. If both parents are in a constant state of stress, have poor nutritional intake, and/or are using products that contain hormone disrupting ingredients, the likelihood of successful fertility is decreased.

Chiropractic BENEFITS pre-pregnancy include:

  • Decreased flight-or-flight mode
  • Increased likelihood for normalized menstrual cycle
  • Increased likelihood of regular ovulation
  • Increased immune function
  • Improved overall health and wellness
Our team

Dr. Tom Williams

Hey, I’m Dr. Tom. Most days you can find me with a cold brew in my hand while enjoying the outdoors, and exploring the unique neighborhoods of Chicago with my family. I am most known for being Oliver’s dad and the chiropractor behind Roots Family Chiropractic.

My mission is to inspire the families of Chicago to experience health differently. My practice is 50% pediatrics, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I truly believe that children are resilient rockstars who deserve to live a healthy, happy life. As a chiropractor and fellow parent, I am your family’s biggest advocate and strive to educate, encourage, and support you through your journey into true health.

As a family chiropractor that loves baby-wearing, I have also been featured on ABC news, CBS, Popsugar, Upworthy, Morning Dose, and more.

Lauren Williams

Hi there, I’m Lauren! I am Dr. Tom’s wife and mama to our little explorer, Oliver. I am a lover of oat milk lattes, outdoor hikes, and relaxing with a good book. I am mostly known for being the boss lady behind the front desk, and “the sticker holder” at Roots Family Chiropractic- which is seriously the BEST job there is.

I have a huge heart for holistic living and sharing all things motherhood. My journey into motherhood has been one I will never take for granted- from the lows of miscarriage, to the highs of a beautiful home-birth, and everything in-between- I would love to walk along side of you! Empathy is my #1 strength and I will be your listening ear and biggest cheerleader all wrapped into one.

If you didn’t know, I am also the writer behind our blog and social media extraordinaire at Roots Family Chiropractic. If you wish to know more about a specific topic, I would LOVE to know. Let’s walk through the journey into health together! You can reach me at .

Dr. Ashley Speller, Office Coordinator/Chiropractic Assistant

Greetings, I’m Dr. Ashley! I am so excited to be joining the Roots Family Chiropractic family as a chiropractic assistant. I obtained my doctorate in chiropractic from Life University in Georgia. Chiropractic is a proactive and natural form of healthcare that allows the body to heal itself from the inside out. My goal is to be an advocate for this very message of chiropractic and educate families in the Chicago area about the many benefits of chiropractic care.

Outside of serving in the office you can find me caring for my 2 young babies. They keep this momma busy! When I have time, I enjoy a good movie or a good book. I love spending quality time with family and friends. I’m always looking for fun, new activities and events for me and my little ones!


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